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What is electric traction?

Electric traction means using the electric power for traction system (i.e. for railways,trams, trolleys etc).
Electric traction means use of the electricity for all the above machines. Now a days, magnetic traction is also used for bullet trains.and basically dc motors are used for electric traction systems.

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DrD    1

What the initial post by the Admin says is certainly true; electric traction usually means railways, trams, trolleys, etc.

I think that there is probably a new extension of this term that is justified. The US Navy has been in the process of replacing steam catapults on aircraft carriers with linear electric motors, so this could also be considered "electric traction." These linear motors must accelerate the aircraft to be launched from zero speed up to flying speed in about 100 m, quite a push!!

There is another similar but opposite application as well, again in the US Navy. When a plane lands on a carrier, it must snag an arresting cable with a tail hook in order to avoid running off the end of the landing deck. The energy absorbing mechanism is essentially a large brake, and this too is being electrified.


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