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    Name -hailemariam walle Engineering- Branch electrical and computer Engineering college -dira dawa university Location (City/ Country)-Ethiopia Engineering Batch-2015 Engineering Company/ Dream company to work for- marine of Germany Area of Interest -main electrician Project undertaken Any other info you want to shareh

    Skip to content Skip to navigation Study | Research | Business | Alumni | News | About University of WarwickPublications service & WRAP Highlight your research WRAP Publications Service Statistics Help & Advice Login Admin Telecommunications law and regulation in Nigeria : a study of universal service provision Tools Opata, Chukwudiebube Bede Abraham (2010) Telecommunications law and regulation in Nigeria : a study of universal service provision. PhD thesis, University of Warwick. PDF WRAP_THESIS_Opata_2010.pdf Restricted to Repository staff only until 12 December 2036. - Requires a PDF viewer such as GSview, Xpdf or Adobe Acrobat Reader Download (1978Kb) Official URL: http://webcat.warwick.ac.uk/record=b2491641~S1 Abstract This thesis undertakes an analysis of the law pertaining to the regulation oftelecommunications in Nigeria generally and more specifically with regards to theextension of access to telecommunications services to unserved and underservedpersons and areas in Nigeria. The study is situated in the context of privatisation andliberalisation reform of the Nigerian telecommunications sector. It addresses thequestion of how to extend access to telecommunications services in Nigeria tounserved and underserved persons and areas. This question is researched by focusingon the sector regulator the Nigerian Communications Commission and analysing themechanisms, ranging from licensing to interconnection to universal service provisionand the National Rural Telecommunication Programme, that have been deployed inthe past to achieve this objective to ascertain how these may be improved to ensurethat as many persons and areas as possible have access to telecommunicationsservices. The issue of securing the accountability of the regulator responsible for thedeployment of these access extension mechanisms is also addressed. The researchidentifies the main international influences on the development of the Nigerianregulatory framework and shows the country’s ability to borrow from a number ofsources while adapting and refining the borrowed rules to solve Nigerian problems.The thesis makes a contribution to knowledge in at least three material ways.It is, to the best of my knowledge, the first work on the legal framework for theregulation of telecommunications in Nigeria after the enactment of theCommunications Act 2003. Secondly, it is also the first work that I am aware ofwhich analyses issues of access to telecommunications services using a variety ofregulatory mechanism as opposed to focusing on universal access and universalservice alone. Finally it presents a positive illustration of a successful outcome ofglobalisation of rules, specifically the transposition or transplantation of specific legalrules in the economic context of a developing African country. Item Type: Thesis or Dissertation (PhD) Subjects: K Law > KN Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH): Telecommunication -- Law and legislation -- Nigeria Official Date: December 2010 Dates: Date Event December 2010 Submitted Institution: University of Warwick Theses Department: School of Law Thesis Type: PhD Publication Status: Unpublished Supervisor(s)/Advisor: McEldowney, John F. Extent: xxviii, 335 leaves Language: eng URI: http://wrap.warwick.ac.uk/id/eprint/35531 Request changes or add full text files to a record Actions (login required) View Item Email us: publications@warwick.ac.ukContact DetailsAbout Us
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    ANAMUL HAQUE Electrical and Electronics Engineer Bangladesh University of Business and Technology Dhaka,Bangladesh 2015 Meghna group of Industries Ltd Erection And Commissioning Sonargaon Flour and Dal Mills

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_spectrum Very good explanation.
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    Name: Dejan Šicarević Engineering Branch: automation, electronics and telecommunications Engineering college: School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies Location (City/ Country) :Serbia, Belgrade Engineering Batch: 2015 Engineering Company/ Dream company to work for: Now, I work as maintenance engineer in Mei Ta Europe. Area of Interest: Automation, electronics, audio electronics, micro controllers

    Basically any notes about frequency band?

    Basically any notes about frequency band?
  11. 1. Fast Switching Characterstics than MOSFET, BJT, IGBT 2. Low cost 3. Higher Accuracy. 4. Low power consumption. The drive is voltage controlled one rather then rheostat control.So power loss will be reduced which will improve the efficiancy 5. Easy Operation 6. No rotating parts 7. Smoother control can be possible unlike step variation in the speed in the general rheostat control 8. Wide range of control is possible with the provision of firing angle control 9.Ssize of controller will be small and the heat dissipation provisions are also not much larger as in case of rheostat controllers. 10. With the advancement of electronic devices its manufacturing cost is very much reduced so will be cheaper than the rheostatic.
  12. Please share your Engineering profile

  13. Please share your Engineering profile

    Name : AR.Ashfak Ahamed Engineering branch : Electrical Engineering Engineering college : University of Moratuwa Location : Sainthamaruthu/SriLanka Engineering batch : 2016
  14. Please share your Engineering profile

    Name:- Sandesh Chavan Engineering Branch:- Electrical Engineering Engineering college:- SKN Sinhgad Institute Of Information Technology And Science,Pune Location (City/ Country):- Pune (Maharashtra, India) Engineering Batch:- 2017 Engineering Company/ Dream company to work for:- Siemens,L & T, Schneider electric, ONGC,NTPC, etc. Area of Interest:- Maintenance Sandesh Chavan Resume.pdf
  15. We should understand d question first, transmission lines not distribution lines. I believe we need to do more research about it because all of us saying about distribution lines.
  16. I agree with u because no matter d type of insulation materials human being carry, he can't touch 11kv and birds do touches 33kv in fact 132kv
  17. Hello World & The EEEC from San Francisco East-Bay, Northern California. -B
  18. Hi, I'm sundar from tamilnadu. I finished my bachelor degree in electrical and electronics engineering(2017). Please if any job openings are there tell to me.. My mail Id:sundarb.tce@gmail.com
  19. electrical

  20. Google earth. I use it to determine the distance from one point to another in setting up line of sight communication and expected distance of coverage for some mode of simple and half duplex communication.
  21. I think two factors are responsible for the bird protection. 1) Insulation. The insulator the bird's are carrying under their clawed have great percentage of resistance to the flow of electron in their body as compared to humans. If an insulator is resistance to 25kv, it may not be resistance to 35 or 55kv. 2) completing the Electrical path is another factor one can look at. Your distance to earth when in contact with a high voltage source play a cardinal point in one been electrocuted as compared to the bird crossectional area. Anyway just my little thought.
  22. Energy scenerio

    This ppt describe millenium project of energy scenerio Jose Cordeiro - Energy Scenarios.ppt
  23. Energy Audit and management

    This gives you description regarding green energy,free from carbon ENR Volume 2 Chapter 12 (Scenarios).ppt
  25. I disagree with that,i saw a man die while was in air by the time he was carrying mantainance work.
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